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Winter Ready

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The great things about winter are pulling out your fab boot collection and swimming in-doors at Hotch-kiss. Getting your house ready for winter, however, is about as much fun as when your mother had you clean your room as a kid. Or sorting socks. Anyway, it's starting to get cold, so here we go:

o Get your furnace cleaned, your chimney swept and test your roof coils.

o Order your firewood.

o The mice are running for your walls so plan accordingly.

o Swap lawn games for shovels and check the braces on your snowshoes.

o Put the hoses away, drained.

o Turn off your outside water.

o Clear drains and gutters of debris and leaves.

o Pop out screens and replace with storm windows.

o Caulking is the fun part, so daub away.

Then you can plan to cozy up in front of the fire and catch up on Netflix...


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