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Antique House Research

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We are fortunate to live in a region with so many historic properties. If you are a new owner of an antique house then you are probably interested in learning more about the history of that property. Here are some resources:

1. Real Estate Listing Agent
Listing agents often have information in their files.

2. Previous Owner(s)
Usually willing to share their knowledge.

3. Neighbors of Long Standing
Often have information about the area.

4. Town Historian 
For example, Salisbury, CT has Mrs. Jean McMillen.

5. Historic Societies
For example: the Salisbury Association, Sharon Historical Society, Northeast Historical Society

6. Town & County Clerks
They can provide maps, deeds, etc.

7. Public Libraries
Check out the local history section.


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    Bow/Meow... It's Cold Outside!

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    This winter has been tough on everyone, including pets. Spring may be around the corner, but here are some safety tips from the ASPCA:

    • Wipe paws, legs and stomach when your dog comes in to protect him from ingesting salt, antifreeze and other chemicals. Pads may bleed from snow or encrusted ice; vaseline works well to soothe and protect.

    • Animals are at risk for frost-bite and hypothermia. Noses, ears and pads can quickly freeze, causing damage. 

    • Never leave a pet alone in a locked vehicle. A car can act as a refrigerator, holding in the cold, just as it acts as an oven in summer.

    • Be wary of frozen bodies of water especially in March when there may be a partial thaw.

    Cats sometimes look for warmth under hoods of parked cars. Bang loudly on hood before starting engine to alert an unsuspecting feline.

    Animals get cabin fever, too, and maybe a little more quality time with your pet inside will make you both happier.


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      Let It Snow! (But Be Careful)

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      All this snow is certainly beautiful, and while these frigid temperatures may have discouraged lengthy perambulations, the good news is that they have kept the snow light and powdery, resulting in less weight on our roofs. 

      However, this abundance of snow does create maintenance issues beyond the expected post - snowstorm plowing. A common problem is high snowdrifts, which can block furnace vents and air intakes in some homes, predominantly those that have newer high-efficiency furnaces. These new propane furnaces vent out the side of a home rather than up through the roof. If these vents are not kept clear of snow, carbon monoxide will back up into the house so be vigilant about keeping the area around the vents clear.

      Equally important is keeping the vents of your generator and dryer clear of snow. And never put a portable generator in the house or in the garage, even with the door open. Keep it at least 20 feet from your home.

      And a potentially less lethal piece of advice is to be considerate and shovel a path for your oil and propane delivery person.


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