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Let It Snow! (But Be Careful)

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All this snow is certainly beautiful, and while these frigid temperatures may have discouraged lengthy perambulations, the good news is that they have kept the snow light and powdery, resulting in less weight on our roofs. 

However, this abundance of snow does create maintenance issues beyond the expected post - snowstorm plowing. A common problem is high snowdrifts, which can block furnace vents and air intakes in some homes, predominantly those that have newer high-efficiency furnaces. These new propane furnaces vent out the side of a home rather than up through the roof. If these vents are not kept clear of snow, carbon monoxide will back up into the house so be vigilant about keeping the area around the vents clear.

Equally important is keeping the vents of your generator and dryer clear of snow. And never put a portable generator in the house or in the garage, even with the door open. Keep it at least 20 feet from your home.

And a potentially less lethal piece of advice is to be considerate and shovel a path for your oil and propane delivery person.

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