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Wishing Wells & Singing Springs

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Most local homeowners depend on well or spring water. Our area has great water quality and quantity, but that doesn’t mean your spring or well doesn’t change over time.

Most likely your water was tested as part of the home inspection process at the time of purchase. If that was longer than a few years ago, you may want to test again. Ask your plumber for their preferred testing method before deciding.

Fortunately there are options. You can test yourself with a do-it-at-home kit readily available at hardware stores, starting at around $10. There are multiple online testing services to choose from - search for “water testing kits’” and take your pick. Just be careful to do your homework with the online services to make sure you get what you’re buying.

The Torrington Area Health District offers a Potability Test Kit for $135, a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Test Kit for $245 and kits for iron, copper, lead, fluoride, and radon ranging from $15 to $40.

Keep your wells and spring a constant source of health by proactive testing.

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