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Mouse Be Gone

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The best way get rid of a mouse problem is to prevent one. Keeping the foundation of your home free of brush and trash, and keeping firewood well away from the house removes hiding places for mice.

• Cover the dryer vent with 1/4-inch hardware cloth. Make sure to seal up any spaces around window or wall-mounted air conditioners.

• Seal entry points, but don’t use steel wool - it rusts. Buy green scrub pads used for cleaning pots and cut to the right size. The pads must be secured to the sides of the hole or the mice will eventually pull them out.

• A natural deterrent is peppermint oil; place drops of the oil on cotton balls and use them for closets and attics. You can make a spray to address these same spots using one tablespoon of peppermint oil and two cups of water. Grow peppermint plants near the entryways. You can use the mint in cooking as well. Mint spreads quickly so grow it in pots around your foundation to send mice scurrying.

• If you are away for extended periods of time place scented dryer sheets on top of bedding to keep mice from nesting there.


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