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We Suvived!

It was a remarkable winter for snow and cold this year. A great year for skiers and catching up on House of Cards and Downton Abbey in front of a cozy fire.

But I’m sure we all have had enough of snow shoveling and dressing in four layers to leave the house. SPRING is officially here, albeit a bit muddy for a while. So go get those tennis racquets restrung, watch for the sign-up for a pass to the lake at Mt. Riga if you live in Salisbury (a wonderful, not-so-secret secret place), start planning your garden, get your season passes for TriArts Sharon Playhouse, your tickets for Tanglewood, Music Mountain, Jacob’s Pillow, Shakespeare & Company and all the wonderful musical events here in the Tri-State area.

By the way...also a great time to list your house! Before you know it, we will be barbecuing on the patio. As Robin Williams once said, “Spring is Nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s Party!’”

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