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Going On a Trip? House Check!

You have your passport, your luggage organized, your plug adapters, your tickets. You have notified your credit card companies, your bank and your cell phone provider that you will be travelling. What about your house?

One very IMPORTANT and simple thing to do is to turn off your water, especially in winter. Turning off the water behind the washer/dryer is wise to do any time you leave the house for a few days or more. One of my clients had an old washer hose give out when they were gone and do serious water damage to their home. 

If you have an alarm, set it. If not, at least some lights on timers are a good idea. Stop mail delivery if you will be gone a long time. For watering houseplants, I saw a great idea recently. Fill an empty wine bottle with water (drink the wine first – it will make this more fun), put a cork in it and make a hole in the cork using a nail. Then turn it upside down in the plant and it will keep your plant moist for a week!

Now go have a great worry-free trip!

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