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Around We Might Not Be Going

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Driving from Salisbury to Torrington, I wonder as I enter the Goshen roundabout at Routes 4 and 63 whether I'm going to exit intact. Entering traffic appears to be a combination of drivers executing a desperate act of darting into the unknown with fluffed courage or bullying through with a hope and a prayer.

Years ago I was stuck in my first roundabout for what seemed like twenty minutes with a chorus of horns applauding my lack of circle skills. So in the interest of keeping the traffic flowing in Goshen I thought I'd share (inexpert) tips!

When you approach the roundabout, please hesitate slightly as you check to see if there is traffic coming from your left. If the left is clear, enter and exit on your chosen route (using your indicator!) Stop if there is traffic to your immediate left but please do not stop while in the circle to allow the vehicle to your right to go first. They are waiting for you.

Happy (and safe) driving!

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