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Floor Plans

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While photographs are essential in describing a property, there is nothing like a floor plan to enable potential buyers to analyze the flow and functionality of a house. Unless you build a house, chances are that you do not have floor plans. Especially for a higher priced property, consider hiring an architect or designer for an hourly fee, to measure the house and draw a floor plan to scale.

Having had a previous career as an interior designer, I know firsthand the advantages, even the necessity, of working with a floor plan. The floor plan can help a potential buyer visualize where furniture or even where a potential addition to the existing house might go.

The floor plan is a useful tool to share with contractors when having preliminary discussions about proposed changes. Con-tractors are accustomed to working from scaled drawings, which can expedite any required work estimates. If buyers are contemplating changes or an addition, they can share the plan with their own architect, who can use it to more quickly to come up with sketches.

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