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The Leaves...

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Yesterday while raking leaves for several hours, I had lots of time to ponder my dysfunction concerning fall cleanup. Every year the unmanageability of my leaves comes as a complete surprise to me. You would think that after 8 years of living in a place, I would have an annual chore like leaf management down to a fine art. But NOOOOOO, it comes as a new and mystifying experience every year. It's simply denial.

Because we live just outside the village, there is no leaf pickup. Instead, I have to ask someone to come and get my leaves. That's the crux of the matter: I am embarrassed to ask someone to vacuum up my leaves in the country. It just feels unnatural to me: like getting a dog, and then asking someone else to walk it. Don't get me wrong, I know how to ask for help and happily do so to have mown grass and plowed snow, but vacuumed leaves ... really?


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