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Grow Your Own Privacy Screen

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Planting a privacy screen can serve several purposes and add value to your property. A living fence provides privacy from street traffic and neighbors; acts as a windbreak, and works to reduce snow drifts.

If you are thinking of selling your home, buyers look to find properties with limited traffic noise and a degree of privacy from neighbors. Privacy screens help to achieve both effects. University of Tennessee Ag Extension Service says two or three rows of trees and shrubs can cut down noise by more than seven decibels. The ideal noise barrier hedge is dense and tall enough that you can't easily see through or over it. The design should incorporate an over story of tall trees, an understory of shrubs, and added ground cover. Here in the Northwest Corner, we have a wide variety of nurseries that also offer landscape consulting. A professional will help you choose the proper trees and shrubs, saving time and additional expense.

Beyond the practical reasons for creating a privacy screen, they offer the added bonus of enhancing the beauty and privacy of your outdoor space.

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