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Let it Snow!

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Okay, I hear the groans. Let’s set thoughts of shovel-ing aside for the moment and focus on enjoying our great out doors. Remember that many people travel from afar to vacation here!

If you have the right outdoor prep routine, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy hiking on our beautiful land trails, skating over our pristine iced lakes, or soaring down our many ski slopes, cross or downhill.

Here are my favorite tips:

First, moisturizer holds body heat. Glob it on right after shower/bath.

Next, make sure you have non-cotton socks and that you don’t walk around in them before booting up. Socks on immediately followed by boot. Keeps your tootsies warm.

Make sure your scarf allows your breath to escape or you’ll get chapped cheeks and lips.

Layer up and you’re good to go.

We live in a gorgeous spot - get out and enjoy it!

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