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Preparing for a Showing

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There are a few things that the seller can do to help the agent make the very best of a showing:

Open the Blinds/Curtains
There can never be too much daylight in a room.

Turn On the Lights
It is important for the house to be fully lit when the buyer drives up.

Turn Up the Heat
Walking into a warm house is key in the winter.

The buyer should feel free to open doors and ask questions.

Take Your Pet with You
If possible, take your dog or cat with you when you vacate for the showing.

Take Out the Garbage
Clean the Litter Box
Wash and Put Away the Dishes
Sweep Off the Walk & Doorway
Make the Bed

Sorry if the foregoing looks like a chore list, but let’s sell that house!


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    Soup, Glorious Soup!

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    I am kind of disappointed that there isn’t more snow. Waiting for the type of snowy day that calls out for a hearty steamy thick stick to your ribs SOUP. An excuse to nibble a few salty oyster crackers.

    There is some pleasure in braving icy streets and bracing winds to grab a savory soup for lunch. Somehow homemade soup brought in from home isn’t the same. Maybe the microwaving uncertainty of the reheating time takes some of the fun away. Beep. Beep. it done?!

    For a well-deserved treat on our next arctic day, here are some of my favorite places for soup. The Woodland has a deft hand with beans and lentils. On the Run always has a hearty homey hot offering, the Country Bistro serves some particularly savory specials. The White Hart creates amazingly delicious offerings. The quickest hottest grab and go is the daily double soup offering at Labonne’s near the deli case.

    Bundle up and enjoy!



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        Thanks Martha! :D

        Nothing Like a Roaring Fire

        One of the great joys of winter in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut is to relax in front of a crackling fire with family and friends (maybe with a little binge-watching of Homeland involved).

        To make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience here are a few important tips:

        1) Have your chimney cleaned - most experts recommend every time you burn through two cords of wood (for most people, that’s every 1-2 seasons.

        2) Get well-seasoned dry wood delivered if you aren’t chopping your own.

        3) Make sure your flu is open (you’d be surprised) and start the draft by holding a lighted roll of newspaper inside the flu to warm it up.

        4) Start with some good kindling (you can buy it at LaBonne’s in Salisbury, the Sharon Farm Market or forage outside), crisscross the logs over the kindling, light a few pieces of paper under that and WHOOSH.....pour the brandy and enjoy!



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          Deicers or De-Icers?

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          It’s January! Reminders of winter’s icy revenge on driveways and walkways and what to do about it is ever evident here in our hill country of Northwestern Connecticut.

          Consider carefully which ice melt products will be least harmful to plants, trees and ground water sources, even the floors in your home. If you are owners of pets, especially dogs or kitties, remember to keep safe their little (or big) paws. De-icer materials can be hurtful when sand and salt become lodged between their paw pads. Ouch!

          The question is, what to buy? Fortunately, our area hardware stores have knowledgeable staff who can assist with your decision. I respectfully defer to others’ research, professional advice, product labels, and comparative cost. Calcium chloride seems to be considered less harmful to vegetation as opposed to rock salt (also known as sodium chloride). Other possibilities on the market are potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. A sand/salt mix may be a happy medium.

          Now that you are out of the driveway, go skiing...maybe Catamount, Mohawk or Butternut...and have some outdoor fun!



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