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Nothing Like a Roaring Fire

One of the great joys of winter in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut is to relax in front of a crackling fire with family and friends (maybe with a little binge-watching of Homeland involved).

To make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience here are a few important tips:

1) Have your chimney cleaned - most experts recommend every time you burn through two cords of wood (for most people, that’s every 1-2 seasons.

2) Get well-seasoned dry wood delivered if you aren’t chopping your own.

3) Make sure your flu is open (you’d be surprised) and start the draft by holding a lighted roll of newspaper inside the flu to warm it up.

4) Start with some good kindling (you can buy it at LaBonne’s in Salisbury, the Sharon Farm Market or forage outside), crisscross the logs over the kindling, light a few pieces of paper under that and WHOOSH.....pour the brandy and enjoy!


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