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Soup, Glorious Soup!

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I am kind of disappointed that there isn’t more snow. Waiting for the type of snowy day that calls out for a hearty steamy thick stick to your ribs SOUP. An excuse to nibble a few salty oyster crackers.

There is some pleasure in braving icy streets and bracing winds to grab a savory soup for lunch. Somehow homemade soup brought in from home isn’t the same. Maybe the microwaving uncertainty of the reheating time takes some of the fun away. Beep. Beep. it done?!

For a well-deserved treat on our next arctic day, here are some of my favorite places for soup. The Woodland has a deft hand with beans and lentils. On the Run always has a hearty homey hot offering, the Country Bistro serves some particularly savory specials. The White Hart creates amazingly delicious offerings. The quickest hottest grab and go is the daily double soup offering at Labonne’s near the deli case.

Bundle up and enjoy!


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