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Energy Efficiency & Saving Money

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Energy efficiency and saving money are two subjects most of us view as being important. Have you given consideration to changing the light bulbs in your home to LED bulbs? Their initial cost, depending on size and the manufacturer, is substantial but definitely worthwhile.

Among the many reasons to change over to LEDs, they last far longer and are very energy efficient, reducing cost for electricity and are safer than fragile traditional bulbs. Unlike the traditional bulb, you won’t be burned should you touch the glass of the LED bulb even after it has been on for several hours of use.

The LEDs can create a softer, warmer glow in your home, creating a pleasant atmosphere and can be used with dimmer switches. LEDs do not contain mercury nor do they contain any other toxic substances. There are many estimates on how long a quality LED bulb lasts but it seems certain between 25,000-50,000 hours is superior to a relatively short-lived traditional bulb. Interesting to note, Sharon has changed to LED lighting along Main Street as a cost-cutting experiment.


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