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Moving Day Toolbox

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Every new homeowner should approach moving day with a tool box and a “bit box.” The bit box is for moving out — put every little weird screw, metal hinge and spare wire that you find lying around with no apparent connection to anything inside the bit box. Those “bits” could be important parts of desks, chairs, chests, and beds that you’ll need for reassembly.

The toolbox is for moving in. Your exuberance for the new space may have you hanging your family photos before laying the carpets or making the beds. Indulge the impulse by making sure you have a hammer nearby! Cardboard boxes are easier to open with a razor cutter. There are twenty things that immediately need adjusting, tightening or reassembling. How convenient to have your screwdriver on hand. Duct tape, nails, hammer, wrench, and pliers. Whichever tools are your favorites.

Plan ahead and put a box together. Just make sure to include a slip of paper with your contractor’s telephone number. Just in case a hammer won’t suffice…

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