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Protecting Our Environment

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April seems like March as I write this, so what will May bring? It is a wait-and-see game with Mother Nature. With spring on the calendar, it is time to begin various building projects.

A time to be particularly cognizant of the importance of preservation of our watercourses and the wetland soils. Both are indispensable and irreplaceable but fragile natural resources. Streams, lakes, ponds, swamps, vernal pools are among the areas to be protected and, of course, rivers. There are ample resources available including soil maps, libraries, and environmental agencies. It is incumbent on all of us realtors, builders, and homeowners to focus on where soils and wetlands are present. Our local conservation commissions or wetlands commissions are charged with protecting those vital resources and they too are valuable resources to contact.

The Salisbury Association has funded environmental programs at Salisbury Central School for 15 years — an exciting learning experience in nature’s habitat. Thank you, teachers, for providing this important opportunity in environmental education.

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