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Dry Summer?

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Maybe. There is speculation that the relatively mild winter could lead to a dry summer. We’ll know by September, but it does bring to mind water saving tips for the home. Here are some of the larger residential water guzzlers:

Toilets use 27%, showers 17%, faucets 16%, and leaks account for 14%. I’m not suggesting we have to spray paint our lawns, but we could cut down. An easy way is to replace older equipment. A new model toilet uses less than 1.6 gallons by law as opposed 3.5 gallons in older models. A new shower head uses 2.5 gallons vs. 6 gallons. Older washers uses 41 gallons, newer models 20.

Finding leaks, unless you’re standing in water, isn’t as easy. It may take investigating under and around pipes in cupboards and your basement. A spike in your water bill would be a tip off. If your toilet tank sweats in hot weather, there could be a leak. Best way to find a leak in your toilet is to drop colored dye into the tank. Wait 20 minutes to see if it’s in the toilet bowl to confirm a leak.

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