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Spruce Up For Less

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Just like everything else, first impressions have a lasting impact. If you are preparing to sell your home, use spring cleaning as an opportunity to go a bit further to improve the appearance of your home. Here are some cheap fixes that go a long way.

• Fertilize your lawn for a fresh, healthy look. All you need is fertilizer, spreader, and a hose.

• Stain the deck and touch up peeling paint around your entranceways.

• Sweep under overhangs to clear cobwebs.

• Fix or upgrade your fence. If it’s in really poor condition, remove it.

• Replace the errant rock that fell off the wall last year.

• Trim your trees and bushes.

• Clean leaves and debris from your yard, and from gutters.

• Clean windows inside and out.

• Maybe invest in a new mailbox and doormats.

• Consider planting a bush or small tree if you have the space.

A neatly-kept outward appearance goes a long way in setting the tone of your home to a potential buyer. The added bonus is feeling great when you return home every day!

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