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This “talk” is about pets who become members of our households. It may not tech-nically fit our usual subject matter in some respects. However, a recent article in the news media attracted my attention on the ethics of pet ownership.

Pet owners have come to think of their dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or other animal creatures as part of the family which begs the question are home/pet owners taking proper care of their pets? Food and comfort elements are important; are the pets given consideration in terms of being alone indoors too long, are they given sufficient outdoor time?

Think about it. Animals do have feelings…ever notice how responsive dogs and cats can be to the friendly voices of their “family” or how horses respond to commands? When children have a pet, it can become a positive learning experience in kindness and an important lesson in responsibility.

In terms of houses and pets, always keep cleanliness at the forefront…when it comes to selling a house, certain animal odors cause a negative impact and can be difficult to remedy.

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