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A Little Green

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I see a lot of homes with fabulous lawns and their lush green perfection makes me envious.

Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to achieve the green, smooth, consistent plushness of everyone else’s lawn. It could be the army of chipmunks carving out the complex trails under my upper grass terrace. And there’s the elusive, never-seen mole that creates random tunnel-like holes all over.

Since I do not intend to excavate the top layer of my lawn to begin from scratch, I decided to make just the visible top layer of grass look better. Consistency, apparently, is the key to the perfect lawn.

The seeds I purchased for some sparse patches were washed to a puddle during a rain storm and sprouted like lake reeds surrounding the bald patch. I tried fertilizing with a rented spreader; it would help if the distribution level didn’t have variable settings. My lawn looks like a kaleidoscope of different shades of green. And I missed spots completely, so dandelions are randomly popping up like exclamation points.

They’re saying – time to call a professional!!!


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