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Live In It Awhile

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Recently, I sold clients a property which is a “dream” location but a “wide awake” house. They initially planned a gut renovation/addition immediately, but wisely decided to hold off and live in it awhile.

There is nothing like time spent in a house to clarify priorities. In fact, people often say they would have regretted making the changes initially desired. The big and costly addition one thinks absolutely necessary might be avoided by clarifying spatial relationships with the moving of a partition or two.

Simply cleaning the carpet, and perhaps an overall professional cleaning, can make a place habitable while the new owner ponders her/his needs and wants. Taking the time to get referrals for and interviewing architects, designers, and general contractors is time very well spent. Then there is the planning process itself including drawings and specifications needed before construction can even begin, possibly permits to pull, and long lead time materials to order, all before demolition can begin.

One hopes to spend many happy years in a new home. Why shortchange the construction process by a few months only to regret the time saving later? Live in it awhile.

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