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Which Way In?

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I sometimes view properties for which the main entry to the home is either not obvious, awkward, or both. This sad situation transcends all price ranges.

Often a house is built with very little consideration as to siting, driveways, and walkways. I suspect that many driveways begin as the most direct route from the road to the building site and, because of time or budgetary constraints, remain just that. A good landscape designer can add value to a property by changing the experience of approach to the house and therefore the perception of the entire property.

Today, I passed a familiar property which has been transformed with a new driveway and guest parking area. Previously a very unspectacular and poorly-conceived dirt driveway, the new, well-planned gravel driveway changes the approach experience dramatically. In this case, the actual “cut-in” from the road was moved and a gentle curve added. The new approach slows down entering vehicles and allows one to fully appreciate the beautiful home. An ample and well-located parking area near the main entry establishes arrival. The difference is remarkable.

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