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Slip Slidin' Away

Patricia Best

What a crazy weather pattern we’ve been experiencing this past month in the Tri-State area. It was over 50 degrees one week; then an ice storm; then a meltdown. 

Our hard-working road crews and landscapers have struggled to keep up.  When a few inches of icy mix cover the now-softened gravel driveways prevalent in the country, a decision must be made: TO PLOW OR NOT TO PLOW…that is the question.  

I decided not to plow so a visitor accidentally drove onto the softened field abutting my driveway and promptly got stuck in the ice and mud. Oh, the joys of winter!      

So take a trip to Lindell’s or Herrington’s and stock up with lots of Ice Melt, sand, and salt...and remember we only have two more months of winter.

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