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Meet George Jetson!

Patricia Best

When I was a kid, I watched the Jetsons and wondered if the real world would ever resemble their high-tech fantasy world.   

While we haven’t mastered the flying cars quite yet, we are close to having a driverless car and we now have some AMAZING gadgets that make our houses safer and more energy efficient. The Nest thermostat can be controlled from your mobile phone and also learns your habits after you use it for a few weeks.              

The Chamberlain garage door opener can open and close your door from anywhere using your phone. The Vivinte doorbell camera lets you see and speak to anyone at your front door from anywhere. Samsung makes a refrigerator that takes pictures of the contents and sends them to your phone so you will know what you need at the grocery store.

Now if only Rosie the Robot would clean my house!

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