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The Dishwasher Broke

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Martha Mullins

There is nothing really more inconvenient than an appliance going kaput in the middle or your daily routine. Hot water heater in the middle of a shower.  The oven after you’ve put in a pork roast. The dishwasher at any given point in the day.  

It might make life a little less frustrating to take a look at your appliances and assess replacing them before they break. Take a look at the average lifespan of each appliance to see if they’re near the end of their useful life and plan a swap out for the older units, one every 6 months, for example. Air conditioners are an easy start. Current energy ratings will show you the relative electricity savings on your unit. The large hot water heater in your basement recycles hot water around coils, constantly using energy. An on-demand, propane hot water heater could save its cost in heating oil over two years. 

Cleaning filters on your dishwasher could save you some time, but you may want to check with your local shop to see if it should be replaced.

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