Blog :: 06-2017

The Power of Paint

Pat Best, Salisbury CT Realtor

I recently read Hammertown’s article about the impact of paint colors on a home’s appeal and couldn’t agree more. As a realtor, I can’t overstate how important it is to paint your house, inside and out, in colors that are popular with most buyers. 

Exterior choices are often inspired by the architecture of your home. Barn style homes seem to look best in dramatic reds, dark greens and, popular right now, black. Take a look at the converted barn that is part of Best & Cavallaro’s listing at 245 Belgo Road in Lakeville.   

However, the 1845 Greek Revival next door (at 251 Belgo Road) just called out to be white.  Currently, the most popular interior colors are shades of gray, beiges and soft blues. I will always thank my friend who, knowing I wanted turquoise kitchen cabinets when I built my last home, convinced me to use gray and get turquoise accessories – which she provided as a housewarming gift! Pops of color are easier to change than cabinets – and tastes and styles do change. I encouraged clients to paint their house in Sharon CT, which was light blue with red shutters, a medium gray with black shutters and – guess what – it sold!


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    What Should I Pay for Rent?

    Connecticut real estate agent Martha Mullins

    Figuring out how much rent to pay can be painful.  Making a mistake by assuming too high a monthly rent can significantly impact your lifestyle.  

    In general, the basic rule is to spend no more than 30% of your after tax take home pay. To figure that out, take your annual salary and deduct taxes. Divide that figure by twelve. Subtract your monthly necessary expenses, such as car payment, car taxes, health insurance, loans, groceries, etc. Multiply that number by .3 and you’ll know what you can afford to pay. This isn’t what you should pay, though.  

    If you like dining out, events, activities outside work and home, then spend less and direct the additional funds to your social life. If you prefer to stay home maybe spend up to that 30% mark. Remember to inquire about all expenses: utilities, lawn mowing, snow removal, association fees, etc. when asking about rent.  

    Enjoy what you pay for!


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      Bicycles Sharing the Road

      Lori Belter, Western CT Realtor

      Before you head out for a bike ride in our beautiful Northwest Corner of CT, it’s important to know the rules of the road, designed to help keep cyclists safe. 

      If you are riding on the road, behave like a car. One reason there may be animosity between drivers and cyclists is that some cyclists take liberties with their bicycle, riding 2-3 wide, ignoring traffic lights, or switching between the road and crosswalks. Yes, cyclists have a right to the road, but most laws state they must follow the rules that apply to cars, including riding with the direction of traffic, stopping at stop signs and lights, and yielding to pedestrians. Be sure to stay as far to the right as safely possible, maintain as straight a line as possible, and avoid swerving around objects.  Be predictable so cars know what to expect.

      Wearing a helmet and being highly visible are most important - wear bright/reflective clothing and be sure you have front and back lights and reflectors, especially if you are riding at dusk or dark.

      A little caution will help you to stay safe while sharing the road.


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        Spring for Sound 2017!

        William McGinn, Connecticut Realtor

        Spring For Sound is an all day, rain-or-shine music festival on June 10, 2017 in the village of Millerton, NY. All proceeds go towards the work of the North East Community Center, which provides healthy, caring, and responsive services to the residents of North East, Millerton, and its surrounds. 

        Performances are scheduled from 10 am to midnight (roughly) on multiple stages at partner venues throughout the village. One ticket gets you a wristband and admission to all stages. Spring for Sound is suitable for all ages and children 12 and under accompanied by an adult are admitted free.

        Tickets may be purchased in advance at a discount at or at the NECC office at 51 S. Center St. in Millerton,  52 Main, and The Black Rabbit in Lakeville, CT. 

        Tickets/wristbands will also be for sale on the day of the show at full price and may be purchased at the Perch at Gilded Moon or NXNE Stage ticket booths. 

        What a great way to start your summer, enjoy outstanding music, and support an important local resource!


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