Blog :: 07-2017

An Abundance of Farm Stands!

Connecticut Realtor Mary Taylor

We here in the Tri-State Corner are spoiled with fresh farm products.  All of our local towns have farms with farm stands—far too many to mention in one blog, so I’ll focus on those close to our home base in Salisbury. Each farm stand offers a variety of food.

Whippoorwill Farm
Weatogue Farm

Pine Hill Farm  860-364-0416
Q Farms
Paley’s Farm Market

West Cornwall:
Hautboy Hill Farm
Ridgway Farm

Cornwall Bridge:
Stone Wall Dairy Farm

The Canaans – Falls Village:
Lone Silo Farm
Freund’s Farm Market
Ford Farm
Mountain View Farm

Enjoy the freshest possible food while you support our local farmers!


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    Thinking of Buying a Fixer-Upper?

    Salisbury CT Realtor Pat Best

    As an HGTV addict, I understand how appealing it can be to dream about transforming a dated or dilapidated house like the Property Brothers seem to do so effortlessly--and usually in 4-6 weeks! (Remember, it’s TV.) I have been a partner in several projects in Sharon and Salisbury and, while it can make sense depending on the purchase price, location, and the extent of the renovations, it’s not for amateurs.

    In the Tri-State area, we have many homes for sale with dated kitchens and baths, and those renovations usually make sense.  However, beware of larger projects entailing systems, roofs, drainage, etc. Those items will suck up your budget and leave little for the fun stuff like a new kitchen and baths. National average bath remodels run $100-$200/sq. ft. and kitchens range from $30,000-$80,000, depending on material and appliance choices. It will probably take longer and cost more than you thought, so make sure you have a contingency. Look for a house that has been well maintained but needs cosmetics.

    A good real estate agent can help you find a good buy--it can be cheaper to buy the more expensive house.  Call or email us if you need help!


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      Black Bears in Our Backyards

      CT Real Estate Agent Mary Kirby

      The black bear sighting reports in and around Sharon and Salisbury seem to increase each season. A startling event is finding a bear on your patio or while out for a walk.

      For the uninitiated about bears on one’s property, it’s important to be vigilant, especially at night. Their presence in our neighborhoods can be frightening, yet fascinating, to observe. Bears are seen more frequently when they are in search of food. It behooves everyone to remove bird feeders, pet dishes, trash/garbage cans, and barbecue fragments from outdoor locations when bears are not hibernating.  It’s an open invitation to bears and other animal scavengers when garbage containers are placed at curbside in the evening awaiting pick-up in the morning! Lessons to be learned are awareness of bears in the outdoors and even on the highways.

      The CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection  (DEEP) has issued an information sheet called “Be Bear Aware: Black Bear Do’s and Don’ts” which can be found on their website and on local town hall bulletin boards.


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        What's That Smell?

        Connecticut Realtor William McGinn

        The kiss of death for any real estate showing is the customer refrain “What’s that smell?” Whether it is mildew, fireplace, cat litter, or septic system, those odors have to be identified and eradicated.

        A thorough cleaning of the house is always in order. Cleaning the cat litter box, cleaning the fireplaces, and emptying garbage pails are all part of routine maintenance which must be done continually while a house is on the market.

        Some smells, like dampness, can be improved with products such as “Fresh Wave.”

        A septic odor is not necessarily a sign that the septic system is not working.  Often when a house is not occupied for a period of time, or even if a shower is not used for a period of time, the water in the sink traps evaporates, and the septic gases can back up into the house.  Running the water in all tubs, showers, and sinks will block that smell.

        When you are looking at how your house appears to prospective buyers, make sure to use your nose as well as your eyes!


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