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Red Squirrels in Your House?


A menacing red squirrel loves our back deck. Sadly, this mini-menace noticed a favorite sweater being aired and proceeded, unnoticed, to destroy the sweater in anticipation of a cozy nest.  This smart little creature intuitively knows about the changing seasons.  Beware of red squirrels and other similar critters looking for a cozy residence in the walls of your home!  A Have-A-Heart trap should be on your shopping list or a call to the Sharon Audubon or other environmental organization for advice.

On the subject of animals and other wildlife, the Audubon Society became heirs to two important Sharon properties more than fifty years ago. The Audubon presence has grown by leaps and bounds by enhancing environmental and educational opportunities. It is a place for children to become acquainted with birds and other animal life, for families to explore and observe nature on the hiking trails.  It’s a haven where professional skills are available to care for injured and orphaned animals until they can be released back into their own habitat. And, it’s a fun place!

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