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Stinky Bugs

Apparently, stink bugs don’t like the cold and will be happy to find a place to roost inside your home this fall. Supposedly, they don’t pose a risk to your health or damage your property, but they provide a good shock when you come upon them unexpectedly.  They look like miniature Klingon aliens from Star Trek.

This bug was accidentally introduced into the United States from China or Japan, by hitching a ride as a stowaway in packing crates or on machinery.  They actually did not make their way to CT, NY, and the Northwest Corner until relatively recently.

The recommendations to keep the bugs out of your house are the same as for general winter maintenance:     

    1) Sealing off little cracks around your home - but most of our homes are so old we could spend a lifetime caulking for little improvement!

    2) Definitely repair storm windows.

    3) Like almost every other bug in my woods, they like light, so turn off outside lights at night.

    4) Finally, make sure there isn’t standing or leaking water outside or in your basement.

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