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Electronic Pest Control

What could sound better? Instead of trying to catch something already inside your home, why not try to deter it from entering in the first place? The challenge is finding a reliable product.  There are so many electronic “ultrasound” devices flooding the market that it’s hard to know which one, if any, works.      

There was a very funny headline from a September court case where the judge ruled against the manufacturer. “Judge cites pictures of mice resting on pest control device in ruling.” Apparently, the frequency of the device determines its effectiveness.

An exterminator recently explained to me that if you set the device at an incorrect frequency, you could be luring mice inside! It seems that there is a frequency targeted to each particular pest. Do your homework and research which frequency is needed to deter which pest, then Google to see which ultrasonic device provides that frequency. 

Avoid any device that claims it serves to deter all pests. Also handle with care, as the devices are delicate, and any jostling could impact preset frequencies.

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