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Frost Advisory!

Winter is almost officially here and that means our weather apps will be showing us more of those little snowflake icons and sub-freezing temperatures.

I say let’s embrace the seasonal change and make a list of simple tasks that will ensure our preparedness for the white stuff, and create a cozy and more efficient home. Check your shovels, snow blowers, and scrapers. Get those driveway stakes in the ground early and mark your propane tank so it can be found under the snow! Fill the oil tank and get your wood delivered. Check your windows and doors for any gaps that may allow warm air to escape.

If you’re not naturally handy (like me), watch a YouTube video  - "How To Use a Caulk Gun" - it’s easier than you think. A fresh bead of silicone around leaky windows and improved weather stripping around a door can really make a difference. Call the pros to assist with the important tasks like servicing the furnace, cleaning the chimney and your gutters. Disconnect and store garden hoses and drain the water lines.

Then buy your ski passes, dig out your Yaktrax, and check the laces on your ice skates!

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