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Curb Appeal Matters

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In selling your home, an attractive exterior – the house entry exterior, yard, driveway and walkway – matter. As agents, we have all had potential buyers who wouldn’t venture from the car because they found a property so lacking in curb appeal. Make the most of your home and property:

• Clean up the front and back yards. Remove toys, rake leaves and do away with any dead shrubs and trees. Change a rusty mailbox or broken garden ornament.

• Touch up the exterior. A fresh coat of paint or a power wash make an enormous difference in how a potential buyer views your home.

• Fix fencing. A shabby fence gives the impression that the house has been neglected.

• Landscape the front yard. Make sure leaves are raked, the grass is mowed, and gardens weeded. When the weather improves, plant flowers; adding a container garden to the front stoop or steps is a great way to greet potential owners.  A well-kept and pretty garden can be a real selling feature.

• Replace burnt-out bulbs. Check outside lights to make sure that they work. And, while you’re replacing the bulbs, clean the lighting fixtures as well.

• Wash the windows. Clean windows make for an inviting home (don’t forget windows in the garage or shed).

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