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6 Steps to Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

After what seemed like the snowiest and coldest, longest winter in many years, summer is finally starting to show signs of appearing.

We know your mind and body are ready for some warmer temps and summer sun, and today we're offering a few tips for getting your house ready as well. 

  1. Tune up air conditioners – experts recommend having the refrigerant checked yearly and changing filters for units monthly while in use.
  2. Gutter clean up – this is that time of year to make sure that all your gutters are free of leaves and debris. A twice-yearly clean out will help ensure that your gutters will work properly.
  3. Ceiling fans – make sure that you switch the direction of your fans so that the air is now pushed down towards you. (In the winter, it’s best to reverse the flow.)
  4. Dryer vent – be sure to check and clean out your dryer vent to avoid a source of potential fires.
  5. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – if you have not changed the batteries or checked your detectors in awhile, now is the time.
  6. Pour a tall glass of iced tea, wine, or crack open a beer, sit back, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us this time of year here in the Northwest Corner!

Click here to check out some great local events to put a little more spring in your step


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    6 Tips to Reduce Waste that are Better than Recycling

    Ideally, yes, you are recycling everything you can.

    However, there's something you can do that will have a heck of a lot more impact: don't buy things in plastic in the first place! The news that China is no longer purchasing our recycling is prompting folks to think about their recycling load. Here are some ‘non use it’ opportunities.

    1. Take your own tote bags to the store, (not just supermarket!), is one obvious no brainer.  

    2. Straws: maybe not using that ubiquitous straw isn’t just a symbolic gesture for sea turtles.

    3. Say "no" to extra packaging: Do you need a bag to carry your takeaway sandwich? Maybe not.

    4. Plastic free reusable wrap is an easy switch from saran wrap or a zip loc.

    5. When’s the last time you actually used the yellow pages? Opt out at  

    6. Cut down on direct mail paper in your post box for $2.00 for 10 years of service at

    Some of these options will save you money as well as the reduced onus recycling. Find out more tips and tricks here


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      Salisbury Artisans Group Market 2019

      Mark your calendars for the first ever Spring Artisans Group Market, May 18 - 19!

      It's going to be a busy weekend with Trade Secrets and all of the excitement that surrounds it, but our community is also going to be buzzing with action over at the White Hart Inn for the first ever Spring Artisans Market, too! The Artisans Group is a collective of artists  and crafts people from the Tri-State Area.  This is a gathering to show and market their work in the Northwest corner of Connecticut.

      Event Details:

      Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19 | 10pm - 4pm



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        10 Affordable Home Improvement Tips

        First impressions are everything, and your home's curb appeal matters, not just for potential buyers.

        Did you know that taking care of your belongings (including your home and car) can contribute to the same sense of well-being that taking care of your health by exercising and eating well can? If you are preparing to sell your home, use spring cleaning as an opportunity to go a bit further to improve the appearance of your home. Here are some cheap fixes that go a long way.

        10 Easy Ways to Spruce things Up

        1. Fertilize your lawn for a fresh, healthy look. All you need is fertilizer, spreader, and a hose.
        2. Stain the deck and touch up peeling paint around your entranceways.
        3. Sweep under overhangs to clear cobwebs.
        4. Fix or upgrade your fence. If it’s in really poor condition, remove it.
        5. Replace the errant rock that fell off the wall last year.
        6. Trim your trees and bushes.
        7. Clean leaves and debris from your yard, and from gutters.
        8. Clean windows inside and out.
        9. Maybe invest in a new mailbox and doormats.
        10. Consider planting a bush or small tree if you have the space.

        A neatly-kept outward appearance goes a long way in setting the tone of your home to a potential buyer. The added bonus is feeling great when you return home every day. Go ahead and enjoy that glass of wine in your beautiful living room! 


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          Rip Van Winkle: The Musical at HVRHS on March 14-16, 2019!

          Rip Van Winkle: The Musical marks the 16th annual musical for the Housatonic Musical Theatre Society at Housatonic Valley Regional High School.

          With 90% of the funding for the musical provided through ticket sales, sponsorships, and fundraising events, this year’s show features 40 students onstage, including students from Region One elementary schools, accompanied by a live orchestra, all helping to bring this new musical to life for four performances only, March 14-16 2019.

          Created by Michael Berkeley and Ray Roderick with music and lyrics by Michael Berkeley, family, home, and what’s best about life -- tailor-made for the whole family in the great tradition of The Music ManRip Van Winkle brings new life to the Washington Irving tale through heartfelt, tuneful music, comedy, rousing dance, and a little gnomish mischief.

          Tickets ($15 for adults, $10 for seniors/students/children) may be purchased at the door, online at, and at the Salisbury, Sharon, and Kent pharmacies.

          Best & Cavallaro has been a proud sponsor of the Housatonic Musical Theatre Society since its inception sixteen years ago.





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            Trade Secrets 2019

            Mark your calendars for May 18 - 19 for this year's Trade Secrets!

            This may be our very favorite event of the year, and it's been a community staple for as long as we can remember. Bonus: this event is a fundraiser for Women's Support Services, so you can be sure you are having a good time for a good cause. 

            Event details

            Rare Plant + Garden Antiques Sale | Saturday, May 18: Don't miss the Rare Plant and Garden Antiques Sale, held at LionRock Farm in Sharon, CT. Up to 60 vendors will bring their rare and unusual plants and garden antiques for you to take home with you. The sale starts at 8am and ends at 3pm.

            Garden Tours | Sunday, May 19: Spend the day taking a self-guided tour of four of the most beautiful and picturesque private gardens, located in Falls Village, CT and nearby Ashley Falls, MA. The Garden Tour starts at 10am and ends at 4pm. (Be sure to buy your tickets early, for there are limited Garden Tour tickets for sale in advance. No tickets will be sold the day of the tour). 

            Click here for more information 


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              The Biggest Bang For Your Home Improvement Buck

              There are plenty of national statistics showing which home improvements are likely to add the most to the value of your house.  A study in Remodeling Magazine indicates that the list would include, in this order: insulation, a new front door, new garage doors, new siding, and new windows.

              However, in my opinion, this list varies greatly from region to region. Here in Litchfield, Dutchess, and Berkshire Counties, we have a large percentage of part-time residents, many of whom don’t have the time or interest in doing renovations after purchasing a home in the Tri-State area. For our market, newly-renovated top-quality kitchens and baths would be at the top of the list to bring the maximum sales price.   All of the other items mentioned above are also huge benefits to producing a sale, but if the kitchen and baths are dated or unattractive, you will probably be leaving money on the table.

              If you are considering some major home improvements, whether to enjoy or with the thought of eventually selling, we at Best & Cavallaro would be happy to meet with you and offer some advice.


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