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Salisbury Artisans Group Market 2019

Mark your calendars for the first ever Spring Artisans Group Market, May 18 - 19!

It's going to be a busy weekend with Trade Secrets and all of the excitement that surrounds it, but our community is also going to be buzzing with action over at the White Hart Inn for the first ever Spring Artisans Market, too! The Artisans Group is a collective of artists  and crafts people from the Tri-State Area.  This is a gathering to show and market their work in the Northwest corner of Connecticut.

Event Details:

Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19 | 10pm - 4pm



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    6 Tips to Reduce Waste that are Better than Recycling

    Ideally, yes, you are recycling everything you can.

    However, there's something you can do that will have a heck of a lot more impact: don't buy things in plastic in the first place! The news that China is no longer purchasing our recycling is prompting folks to think about their recycling load. Here are some ‘non use it’ opportunities.

    1. Take your own tote bags to the store, (not just supermarket!), is one obvious no brainer.  

    2. Straws: maybe not using that ubiquitous straw isn’t just a symbolic gesture for sea turtles.

    3. Say "no" to extra packaging: Do you need a bag to carry your takeaway sandwich? Maybe not.

    4. Plastic free reusable wrap is an easy switch from saran wrap or a zip loc.

    5. When’s the last time you actually used the yellow pages? Opt out at YellowpagesOptOut.com.  

    6. Cut down on direct mail paper in your post box for $2.00 for 10 years of service at DMAChoice.org.

    Some of these options will save you money as well as the reduced onus recycling. Find out more tips and tricks here


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