Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Dave was friendly and great to work with. He always kept us up-to-date on anything important to us and was responsive to our questions whether by email, phone, or message text. He was very knowledgeable about the area, and guided us through the process, provided good advice on selecting inspectors and attorneys. Dave showed integrity in representing both sides of the transaction.

Dave's extensive knowledge of residential construction was definitely an asset as we searched for a home in southwest, CT.  We looked at a few fixer uppers, and Dave was able to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses of each potential home, aiding us in our decisions. Dave also considered our love of the outdoors and found us a home we can enjoy inside and out with lake views and gorgeous hiking trails nearby. We highly recommend Dave. He was attentive, communicated with us daily, responded immediately with answers to all of our questions, and was confident in the negotiating process."

"Our family recently relocated to CT from California and we could not have done it without Dave. He guided us through the entire process from the opposite coast with a deep knowledge of the area as well as sensitivity to the ins and outs of a cross country move. In the end we found exactly the house we needed and gained a friend in the process. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to move to the area."

Thank heaven for Laurie.  She has worked so hard, and so effectively, no stone unturned.  She has been extremely generous with her time, her experience and intelligence, her negotiating skills.  I’m very, very grateful. 

Working with Kristine Jennings has been nothing short of a pleasure.  She was a great listener to what we thought we wanted and then was highly attentive and responsive as we gave her our impressions of the places we saw.  Ultimately, she steered us to the place we actually bought even though it was not on our initial radar.  Her partnership with Pat Best was also highly beneficial to us because when Kristine could not be there, Pat filled right in without missing a beat.  I highly recommend both Kristine and Pat to any future potential client.  

I can't say enough about how great it was working with Martha. We were looking to buy around Salisbury, CT and we were pretty specific with what we wanted. She geared us directly to it. She never tried to show us anything that wasn't aligned with our vision. Also completely professional yet warm and fun. We ended up getting the house that is perfect for us. Thank you Martha!

Martha was very knowledgeable about the local real estate market and the properties that would meet our needs. She was patient with all our questions and gave us informed and helpful answers. It was a pleasure working with her.

Even though we did not hire Martha in the end because we ended up in a private sale, I was so impressed with the way she researched the property and all of its ins and outs. She is careful, thoughtful, attentive to details and the complete professional. I would recommend her highly to anyone!

We deeply appreciate how much you have done for us getting this house sold. Above and beyond what any other agent would have done.  

My mother passed away earlier this year and when it came time to locate a local realtor to sell her place, I didn't know where to turn since I live in California. Having grown up in Canaan and traveling there on a regular basis, it was obvious that the town was in a state of demise. In the part of  town where my mom lived, houses typically stayed listed on the MLS for over a year, if they sold at all. 
I've bought and sold many properties over the years. When I stumbled upon Martha and interviewed her, I had a strong feeling that the selling strategy she presented was solid. I had the gut feeling that she would be able to pull a rabbit out of her hat. The long and short of my experience was: 1) Martha did pull the rabbit out of her hat as she completed the sale within three months of listing the property. The sale went down as she had strategized. 2) Martha negotiated a sell price $20,000 higher than any of the other realtors I interviewed indicated that they could sell the property for. 3) Martha was always a step ahead of me. Kudos here as I'm typically a step ahead of the realtors I've worked with. 4) Martha is as honest as the day is long and was fun to work with. 5) In summary, this was the best realtor experience I ever had.
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