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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

My mother passed away earlier this year and when it came time to locate a local realtor to sell her place, I didn't know where to turn since I live in California. Having grown up in Canaan and traveling there on a regular basis, it was obvious that the town was in a state of demise. In the part of  town where my mom lived, houses typically stayed listed on the MLS for over a year, if they sold at all. 
I've bought and sold many properties over the years. When I stumbled upon Martha and interviewed her, I had a strong feeling that the selling strategy she presented was solid. I had the gut feeling that she would be able to pull a rabbit out of her hat. The long and short of my experience was: 1) Martha did pull the rabbit out of her hat as she completed the sale within three months of listing the property. The sale went down as she had strategized. 2) Martha negotiated a sell price $20,000 higher than any of the other realtors I interviewed indicated that they could sell the property for. 3) Martha was always a step ahead of me. Kudos here as I'm typically a step ahead of the realtors I've worked with. 4) Martha is as honest as the day is long and was fun to work with. 5) In summary, this was the best realtor experience I ever had.

Pat Best is the finest professional that I have run across in her field. Pat went way beyond what was expected. She spent an extraordinary amount of time in finding my wife and I a home. She understood our needs on both a financial and emotional level which made the process a pleasure. We found Pat to be an enormous resource in all aspects of the home buying process including but not limited to providing vendors in all aspects of the process. This allowed for my wife and I to focus on the purchasing of our home knowing that Pat had the other aspects covered for us. We would recommend Pat to anyone looking to purchase a home. 

"I knew Dave prior to working with him as a real estate agent and his knowledge of construction was impressive and top shelf. I was looking for a realtor when I found out that Dave had become one and acquired his services immediately. Throughout the process of buying my home, Dave was extremely attentive and responsive, questions were answered quickly. Dave researched the homes that I was interested in and made sure that I was aware of and understood any positives and negatives in regards to their condition, etc. so I could make an informed final decision on which home would be mine. It felt great having an extremely knowledgeable realtor on my side every step of the way - thanks Dave."

"Dave could not have been more helpful in assisting with a piece of land I recently purchased in Litchfield County. Not only was he extremely responsive to any questions I had about the process, he went well above and beyond to ensure a timely closing. At one point some critical paperwork was lost while being mailed between attorneys, which could have been a serious problem. Dave personally visited the town hall and court house to procure duplicate papers and ensured a timely closing. I would highly recommend Dave for any real estate transactions you may be considering."  

"We have purchased many homes over the years and have never had a realtor that we trusted as much as Dave Mallison. His knowledge not only encompasses the traditional real estate services, but his background in contracting really gave us an edge when making offers. He was there throughout the whole process, always listened to us and evaluated our needs. We are not easy to please, but are extremely happy with our recent purchase. Thanks again Dave!" 

"We can't say enough about Dave. If you're looking to purchase a home, especially if you're new at this process, Dave is your agent. He is very responsive, knowledgeable, experienced and professional. While looking for a home, he quickly became aware of our likes and dislikes, knew our budget and was quick on the hunt with us. When we looked at homes, he had our best interests at heart. When showing us properties, he pointed out the good, the bad, and the ugly, but always respected our interests and possible choices. Through this process we developed a trust for Dave so much that when we decided to make this purchase we knew it was the right one."   


"Dave Mallison just sold our mother's old house.  He quickly brought in craftsmen for some necessary repairs when they were needed, and he advised us on how to furnish and decorate the house for showings after we had moved half the furniture out.  He negotiated with the buyers and offered good advice to us.  We went from listing to closing in pretty much one month.  Dave was pleasant and easy to contact.  He was always helpful, responsive, and good to work with.  Dave kept us abreast of each showing and gave us suggestions that might help with the sale.  In the final stretch, Dave offered to help us clean out the house and do whatever was needed to be ready for the closing, which was way beyond necessary but still very helpful.  We were very pleased with Dave's service and highly recommend him."


Pat's knowledge of the local market is extensive and her ability to help her clients with financing expertise is very helpful. She is an integral part of the community and ends up being a resource even after the closing is over. I highly recommend her to anyone who has an interest in purchasing  property in the northwest corner of Connecticut or in Dutchess county.

Pat Best's name says it all….she is simply the BEST. It was great to work with her on this all important real estate purchase. She is professional and knowledgable and a lovely person to work with. She was helpful on every aspect of the deal.

Responsive and knowledgeable- she listens and makes sure your needs are well taken care of. She will keep you in mind for houses not even on the market yet- she knows the area better than anyone and makes you feel important. Honest and incredibly helpful. Top notch.

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